Rental agreement and house rules of The Old Hatchery

All these conditions refer to the holiday homes The Hatchery and The Chicken Barn (to be named the holiday home hereafter) at Kapelstraat 55a in Afferden.


A request to book the holiday homes is done solely by filling in the booking form on our website. We will confirm your reservation via e-mail within 24 hours. We will then send you an invoice. We request you transfer to us 25% of the full rental fee within 14 days after the date of the invoice. You have to have transferred the remaining 75% two months before your date of arrival at the latest.

We reserve the right to cancel your booking if you fail to meet these requirements. In case of cancellation on our part, potentially already paid fees will be refunded.

We request a deposit of €250,00 per home which will be transferred back to your account a week after your departure, if everything is in order.

Subletting is strictly forbidden. A stay of more persons in a holiday home than agreed upon in the booking, or than the maximum number of persons in place for that home, is strictly not permitted without our permission, and may induce to prematurely ending the rental agreement on our part, without refund of rental fees.


Tenants can take care of their own cancellation insurance if they wish to.

If you decide to cancel, for whatever reason, you owe us a compensation. In case of cancellation, this compensation amounts to:

  • 3 months before date of arrival: 25% of the full rental fee
  • 2 months before date of arrival: 50% of the full rental fee
  • 1 month before date of arrival: 75% of the full rental fee
  • within 1 month before date of arrival: 100% of the full rental fee

Arrival and departure

At arrival and departure you can report at Kapelstraat 53. After handing over the key we will then walk through the accommodation with you and present you with all instructions for usage. On the day of arrival, you can use the holiday home from 3 pm. On the day of departure, you are to have left the home at 10 am. Any costs stemming from you not yielding the holiday home on time will be recovered from you. Goods found after your departure will be saved for you for a reasonable period of time, but we cannot accept any responsibility for this. Sending the goods after you can only happen at your own cost.


You can park your car on the designated parking spots.

Use of the holiday home

We assume that you use our holiday home decently, so that the following guests will also be able to use it pleasantly. Smoking and pets are not permitted in the holiday home. Although usage of gas, water and electricity is included in the fees, we request you use it economically.

Noise nuisance

It is not permitted to use radios, televisions, musical instruments or other sound producers in a way those would prove a disturbance to others.

Between 11 pm and 7 am there is a period of night silence. In this period, it is not permitted to make any noise outside, so not on the public road either.

Fire safety

Indoor smoking is strictly forbidden.

In the accommodation, there is a fire hose.

Please only use it if necessary.

Inappropriate use of the fire hose will very quickly lead to major damage, which we will recover from the tenant.

Point of concern

Moving cupboards and beds, as well as sound or television machinery or taking outside any part of the indoor inventory except for crockery, glasses and cutlery for an outside meal, is strictly not permitted.

The owner reserves the right to check and inspect the holiday home during the rental period.

Please remember to carefully lock all doors and windows if you happen to leave the house unattended during your stay.

At departure, you are required to have

  1. Done the dishes.
  2. Emptied the garbage bins.
  3. Left the house broom clean (attention, don’t forget to broom under the furniture and beds).
  4. Not have left any food items or additional household products in the cupboards.
  5. Reported anything that has been broken or other damage to the owner.
  6. Left the dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer empty.

If the tenant, their family members, their guests or by them admitted visitor(s) do not follow, despite potential warnings, the terms from the rental agreement, the rules of conduct, the instructions of the owner or his deputy, or the laws of government, the owner or his deputy reserves the right to terminate the rental agreement with immediate effect, and to refuse admission to the tenant and co-tenants, without refunding the rental fees. We stress that this includes disrespecting the period of night silence or the unnecessary causing of disturbance!

Damage and defects

You are recommended to inspect the holiday home and the inventory to find any damage or defects at your arrival. If you find any damage or defects, you have to report this to the owner immediately. If the damage has been caused by your actions and/or is not a cause of regular use or runout, we will recover the repair or replacement costs from you.


We do not accept liability for:

  • Theft, loss or damage of any kind whatsoever during or because of your stay in our holiday home.
  • The malfunctioning or not operating of technical equipment, utilities and/or services in the home.
  • Calamities, of any kind, which could acidify your stay.
  • The tenant is individually liable for all loss and/or damage to the holiday home, the garden and the household goods (inside and outside), and/or belongings of the house, if this is the cause of actions or negligence, of you or of others who were in or around the holiday home with your permission.

Applicability of the rental agreement

If the rental agreement has been created (which is the case as soon as we have confirmed your booking, reserving an exclusive right is not part of that), you agree to the rental agreement. The tenancy ends automatically after the lapsing of the agreed rental period.