The holiday homes are in De Maasduinen National Park in Northern Limburg. This gently sloping forest and moorland area is located on a stretched sandy ridge between the river Maas and the German border. The park and its area are excellent spots for long walks and diverse bicycle and mountain bike routes, and there are extensive horse-riding routes too.

There is a whopping number of seventeen walking routes, set out with marked poles. In the national park, you can also find the regional path “Maas-Niederrhein” and a local walking route network of over 200 kilometres.

Watch videos from the area

Duck lake Bergen

Visitors center Maasduinen

Maasduinen Afferden

The quin in Afferden

Castle Blijenbeek Afferden


Weir Afferden Sambeek


Above Clouds III

The Meuse

Videos by Twan Arts

Photos of the area behind our holiday homes

Photos by Theo Hermsen