The Old Hatchery

Holiday homes and group accommodation on the borders of De Maasduinen National Park

In summer 2011, we got the opportunity to purchase a large piece of land, bordering our live-in farm. On this parcel, there were two large, decayed sheds of a former hatchery and a chicken farm, which had closed business many years ago. At that moment, we did not know what would become the new goal of these hovels, but we really wanted to do something special with this unique spot.

We liked to keep the history of the buildings alive, and this was the origin of plans for two luxurious, spacious holiday homes: The Hatchery and the Chicken Barn. This turned out to be quite a job, but after we tidied up everything outside, the site’s beautiful nature appeared once again. The grass was able to grow again, and beautiful wild flowers blossomed. In autumn 2014, we started renovating the former sheds. The project was very puzzling and it was a challenge to gather the materials with which we could revive the original ambiance. Slowly, two beautiful holiday homes rose, and when you look at them now, you can hardly imagine these were once decayed sheds. The difference between before and after the conversion is enormous, and we can say the former sheds have got a new soul.