But before you do that, remember to create a backup so you don’t lose your data. After using your computer system for a while you can see a drop in its’ performance. This event happens because of the so-called “fragmentation” in the file system.

Once no more drivers are missing, reinstall any app that was previously installed on your computer . Click the Show me the list of drives that will be affected option to see drives that will be erased during the reset process. Once the reset is complete, Windows 10 will automatically restart and from here your device should be returned to the state in which it was brand new. Select Updates and Security from the Setting Menu.

At the top of the window, select Tools and then click Optimize . Download and install Auslogics’ Disk Defrag tool on your PC. Press Win + X and choose “Windows Terminal ” from the pop-up menu. You can also check out our other Windows guide to make your experience even better by customizing the operating system as per your needs. We have also covered quite a few guides related tomacOSandChromebookas well. Ciprian Adrian Rusen is a Microsoft MVP and Windows expert.

Core Settings¶

The newer APFS system, initially only supporting SSDs but expanded to hard drives and Fusion drives in Mojave (10.14), creates file snapshots instead. I hope you were able to schedule Windows 10 defragmentation process to optimize drives to increase performance. In simple terms, defragging is the process of relocating scattered bits of data on a drive so they sit next to each other. Data is written in blocks on your storage drive, and the more you access files, the more scattered they can become on your hard drive or solid state drive. Microsoft is currently testing a fix for Windows 10 bug that could cause the operating system to defragment solid state drives more often than is needed. While periodic defragging of a mechanical hard disk drive is a good thing, doing it too often on SSDs can actually degrade their integrity and shorten their lifespan.

  • A special sharing window will open, and you will see a “Nearby Sharing” section.
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  • Now, power on your laptop by clicking on the power button.
  • Disk Speedup has many more interesting options but doesn’t offer anything more than the above-listed defrag tools.

To give you an idea, let us show you the process. In the final recovery window, the system will specify all actions to be performed and ask for confirmation. Press the “Reset” button to start resetting to the factory settings. However, if your PC’s performance is jeopardized due to any reason, you can opt for factory resetting. In Windows 10/11, the rolling back “Reset your PC” option quickly restores Windows to its factory default state. And it is less complicated and less time-consuming than reinstalling Windows from scratch.

How To Schedule Disk Defrag for Windows

The time to reach that information is unaffected. The main reason for you not to perform defragmentation on your SSD drive is that its performance is not enhanced after the process is completed. The other reason is that the process shortens the SSDs’ life. Disk fragmentation happens when a file is broken up into smaller pieces to fit on the disk. When you are using your PC files are always being written, deleted, or resized. Because the files are spread over several locations, the time to read and write those files can be long.

If you want to defrag a drive using the command-line, you can use a command to do the same. So, open theCommand Promptas an administrator either from theStart Menuor byRun(Win + R), type“cmd”, and hitCtrl + Shift + Enter. But if there is a need to optimize that drive, clickOptimize.Now, wait for the process to complete and it will optimize that drive.

If you are taking screenshots on a computer or a laptop, then you are not just limited to use the Print Screen key. Moreover, You can also upload your screenshots to Google Drive or OneDrive, send them as email attachments, or share using Skype, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Taking a screenshot on your Windows computer is a useful feature.